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Planning to a property in Poland? Avoid these common mistakes. Pay attention to what you should know

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Nowadays, many men and women searching for a property in Poland. Some of those people are searching for an apartment to rent, another – for warehouse space in Poland. It is not important what type of real estate in Poland you are looking for. You should still make sure that you are not goint to make the most common mistakes, that a lot of individuals do while searching for a property in Poland.

Firstly, many guys are very tempted with the promotions. You should be aware that if the price is ridiculously low, there has to be a reason for it. In Poland, real estate buildings which have similar standard and are based in similar location, usually are available at very similar price, more here: real estate poland. So, if you find an offer of a property for very attractive price, do check twice all of the conditions as well as terms. Possibly there is some hidden reason for the low price.
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Second, plenty of men and females in Poland try to rent their property with no official contract. This is particularly visible in the field of room as well as apartment renting. Official tax is perceived as high thus a lot of landlords try to avoid it. It is a quite common practice, especially among students that search for as cheap place as possible.

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In this case, renting without signing the legal contract might help to reduce the cost. However, you should remember that it is rather a risky practice. For instance, if landlord changes the lock in case to kick you out of the place, you don’t have a proof that you were really renting the place.

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Obviously, it is only one possible situation out of plenty of others. So, you may avoid that mistake and all the risk it brings, by ensuring that a contract is signed and its terms are transparent.

Finally, always carefully check the location. A property may seem to be located next to the city centre or other place you are particularly interested in. However, it may be true only from a “geographicall” point of view. This means that to actually reach the city centre, you will have to change trams three times or there will be no direct road. Frequently places which are more remoted are actually better connected with another part of the city than those “geographically” close. Therefore, you shouldn’t focus only on the remoteness in the terms of kilometres. Make sure, that you check also roads, train connections or any other factors which will be important for you at the later stage.



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