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New technologies and today’s computer systems and their inpact on users and society – advantages and possible problems

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In these days we can meet technology in every single time of our surroundings. Our vacations, job or even bring up a kid is connected in major part with new devices, furthermore many of us can’t exist without them.

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e greatest firms enter brand new technologies and signisficant solutions in IT-area. A lot of smart computer applications support us in our existance; park sensors support us in finding a the best space to stop or vehicle, smartphones help us finding the love of our lives and SFA system is related with profitable marketing. A large number of processes in our new world is connected with each other. This things give many brilliant opportunities, nevertheless also some problems. SFA system is very useful, however as every system connected with the Global Web must be repaired and checked – read details. A lot of tallented IT-experts look after powerful servers of the biggest businesses, these strong machines are working day and night. Using smartphones and especially the Internet we have created a brand new standards, however qin the same time we deprive ourselves of our possibility of managing with crucial situations. We are item-depended and our civilization is becoming

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We have to take a balance between this what we have and this what we like to have got. We can create outstanding systems such us the SFA system, nevertheless we must remember to control it. Personal computers and modern technologies rule our world, billions bits of information is transferred through the Global Web everyday. People are sending mails and tweets, transfer large money and receive messages, all of these in front of computer and keyboard. For them it is very hard to exist even a few hours without interaction with the Web, specially children have this sort of problem.
Computers and the Global Web support us in our life, modern systems are processing unspeakable number of information, they help us understand our world. Nevertheless still the most significant thing in our society should be other people.



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