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Handy hints for designing the kid’s bedroom

When realizing a kid’s bedroom, let’s create a wonderful space where the youngest will feel like in a realest adventure park or an enchanted territory. The child’s bedroom is governed by totally different laws than the rooms for adults.

Autor: Thomas Kujawa
Autor: Magic Madzik
It has to encourage the imagination, trigger creativity, inspire to action. It has to to be also identified with safety, adventure and great fun.
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Autor: Sarah and Jason
Let’s not be guided by our inclinations and customs, let’s not make our ideas come true. Let’s ask the kid how he dreams up his dream room. Instead of realizing our proper ideas, it’s better to put your kid in the office (see european patent search) – he can choose some ornaments, such as picture frames, wall design (Disney murals can be a great idea!) or bed linen. A frequent omission is to project the bedroom so precisely in such way that the child is not able to change anything in it. Kids like to build from their furniture, cushions and boxes for games their own things: tents, palaces and caves. Let’s create this possibility for them. In an ideal kids’ bedroom there is supposed to be a space for studying, playing, resting and depositing clothes. It is important that the equipment serving one functionality is put near to each other. In the web, we can encounter useful planners to help separating the interior into functional zones. Most kids are scared of the darkness, so you should take care of the subtle lighting, which can be left switched on all night.

The lamps in which we can set the intensity of light will work well. Adjust them so that it pulsates slightly or changes shades. And the more stash places, slopes, ladders, the better. They are superb places to have fun!



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