GOST license – powerful and well-known license

Each country looks after its residents. That is why a lot of countries have established guarantees which claim what is allowed and what is not allowed to bring in to specific countryside. When countryside has its own standards and norms everyone has to follow them. Unless, disobedient residents will go to prison or will must pay a fine. 1 of the most powerful and popular certificate is GOST license. GOST certification confirms that goods which are sent or manufactured in Russia meet the Russian safety standards.

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There are 2 types of Gost Russia guarantees. The 1st one is for a solo shipment, for example, when you deliver or send items only once. The license must be used only once. It is much less expensive than sequential production certificate. The 2nd possibility is a certificate for a sequential production aim. If you are an owner of Gost certification (url) you are allowed to import goods within one, two or three years. Nevertheless, in some situations there should be conducted the factory inspection. There usually go 2 or 3 specialists from Russian Federation and check the excellence of manufactory and the qualityof produced items.

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What is more, there may be required some additional certifications in some cases like: fire security guarantee or Government Registration. What sort of information have to you provide when you would like to receive delivery (single) certificate? You should give full information concerning the producer. The information have to include: filled name of your business, address of the company, duty no. The second influential information should relate to the receiver – his filled name, place of residenceand dutynumber.

Here have to also be contained bill, filled name of the manufactured good, description of the product,and the additional licenses which have been previously given to its item. Russia is a countryside where a competitive market is big and it is difficult to get here. Nevertheless, an individual who does not struggle, not win. When you will make an effort hard and your products will be fine, the Russian will be contented to have you!


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