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Brand new design in our homes and companies – interesting wallpapers, pictures – advices and ideas.

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  • Brand new design in our homes and companies – interesting wallpapers, pictures – advices and ideas.
Indoor style it’s one of the fastest extending branches in modern product exchange business. It is connected either with in-house architecture and furniture design. There is also a big group of gifted specialists in this matter.

Autor: Mike Krüger

e of the most interesting ways of decorating a house is wallpaper. On today’s market there is a large number ofopportunities such us oriental wallpaper, wallpaper to wash, pictures with city views or with flower motives (like dandelions wallpaper) – beauty dandelions wallpapers. Flower motives are suitable in home spaces in the kichen or in guest room, but it is important to noticed to look of flower. Wallpaper with daisies will be marvelous in the kitchen, nevertheless dandelions wallpaper needto be putted in a larger space, because of the size of the plants. African or oriental wallpaper looks fantastic in guest room, but not in large firm spaces – see this link. In companies or in the maighty corporations it is not good to put any wallpapers on the walls. White or bright painted walls are going to be a fantastic idea. An interesting way of decoration have became indoor wall-paintings. Complicated vechicles, animals, plants, landscapes, pictures which give us some crucial meaning. There look great either in little locations and on large walls.

Autor: Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon

We can put a fairy in kids room or make a huge painting on front wall of our corporation and show some things connected with its product. A large number of corporations and artists create this kind of indoor design.

We may employ that kind of expert and redecorate our surroundings. New ways and colors may refresh our homes and offices. a nice wallpaper, smart mural, various style – all of these things could make ourselves really happy and bring some good income to our work. Today’s style give us lots of interesting opportunities. We can choose the style of decorating a flat from many catalogues, Global Web sites, or artists’ designs. New form of expression and redecoration can be made by us or by tallented expersts. Nowadays we have many firms which may help us in this matter.



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