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A great way of showing history and design an apartment – murals.

living room
A mural is a formmethod of strret art, it genneraly giant and has a significant meaning. This form of art is very common in the western Europe and in the United States, nevertheless it have become more and more popular in the other countries.

In huge towns we may see murals on the sides of buildings, railway stations, the buildings companies and other spaces with huge surface area. Murals in cities can perform a large number of different things for example information, advertising, however they can as well tell a story. In the last decade wall paintings have become a common method of commemorating crucial

historical events, very big performances on the building’s surfances have appeared in towns like Łódź and Poznań. Great murals cities of Radom show a story of the events of June’76 and Poznań on the wall of one of the houses the artist painted a mural commemorating the victims of Czerwiec’56 in the 55th anniversary of the uprising. Another town which we may include to the murals cities group is Piła, where in 2013 was created a historical mural commemorating the Cursed soldiers . This year on one of the schools was painted a mural commemorating the Polish airmen, the bigest heroes of the Battle of Britain. The people like Witold Pilecki and Danuta Siedzikówna “Inka” are shown on historical picture, which 3 years ago was created on the ZHP building in the city of Kalisz. In Gniezno in 2013 was created a series of historical murals, which were dedicated to Wielkopolska Uprising, similar mular is in Wizna this is a memory of the commander of the struggles of “Wizna”. It is a great method of teaching history. Now murals are using not just as a form of outdoor art, but as well as a design in private flats, where their are used to show imaginationstyle of the owners.

The most common space where we like to show our brand new design is the center of our house and in that room we have living room murals , which should impress our relatives. Ideas for living room murals could be different, they are limited only by our imagination, so it can be the Eiffel Tower if you love France, it may be the map of worls, dogs or flowers for their fans.
Having a mural picture is a good decision for people who like to diametrically change style of their flat, this kind of art could quickly transform room in something different.



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